Educational institute for anthroposophic naturopaths


Only the recognised further education institute of ISAN named "Bildungswerk Anthroposophischer Heilpraktiker ANTHROPOS-SOPHIA" / "Educational institute for anthroposophic naturopaths ANTHROPOS-SOPHIA" as central training body of ISAN imparts the knowledge and skills required for certification in Anthroposophic Healing (AGAHP)® [Anthroposophische Heilkunde (AGAHP)®].


Further education serves to develop the skills already acquired in professional life and expands the professional scope of action beyond the current professional activity. As a result, further education measures are usually more comprehensive and extensive than advanced training  - and thus associated with a correspondingly higher expenditure of time.


Naturopathic training courses are offered by the ANTHROPOS-SOPHIA education and training center for anthroposophic naturopaths. The joint Mandate Commission of the International Society of Anthroposophic Naturopathy (ISAN) and the General Society of Anthroposophic Naturopaths (AGAHP) accredit the training courses in Anthroposophic Naturopathy (AGAHP)®.


ANTHROPOS-SOPHIA is the central training body of ISAN. It offers further education in Anthroposophic Naturopathy and certifies graduates in accordance with the Medical Section, the ISAN and the AGAHP in Anthroposophic Naturopathy (AGAHP)®.


Only the training institute for Anthroposophic Naturopaths ANTHROPOS-SOPHIA imparts knowledge and skills that are required for certification in Anthroposophic Naturopathy (AGAHP)®, in particular the historical origins and professional knowledge, research bases and development of working methods as well as the spiritual scientific path of knowledge of anthroposophic naturopaths.


Only the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum decides on the granting of certificates in agreement with ISAN as the responsible representative of anthroposophic naturopaths in the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine (IKAM).

Educational institute for anthroposophic naturopaths


(Explanation of the name see below)[1]
Educational institute of ISAN

Founded: 11. 09. 2012 in Dornach, Switzerland

The society is subject to the association law of Switzerland, ZGB Art. 60. ff.

Logo: ANTHROPOS SOPHIA (see left)

Overall management: HP Psych. Alexander Schadow

Training management: HP Michael Voelkel (internal training)

Training management: HP Brigitte Kachel (public training)

Teaching staff: Recognized, qualified ISAN lecturers and guest lecturers



AGAHP-Office, Waldweg 11, 29336 Nienhagen, E-Mail: office[at]


[1] Explanation of ANTHROPOS-SOPHIA

The encounter with the living being Anthropos-Sophia in the spiritual world stands in the closest, inner relationship to the described three-stage path of study. For on this path we tried to develop a sensuality-free thinking, feeling and willing [...].

Having established such a relationship with the living being Anthropos-Sophia, we will soon notice that our whole life changes because we have found our spiritual teacher. The wonderful thing is that the Being Anthropos-Sophia leaves us absolutely free in everything. But if we are willing to follow it, it leads us along the path described above to the highest realisations of esoteric Christianity.


Excerpt from: Sergei O. Prokofieff: The Celestial Sophia and the Essence of Anthroposophy

Requests from colleagues for further education and advanced training in Anthroposophic Naturopathy have become increasingly frequent.

A coordination of our resources in this field took place in 2012: the expansion of our association school and the coordination of all anthroposophical further training courses for Naturopaths within the framework of an accreditation process, so that all interested parties have the opportunity to further their training in Anthroposophic Naturopathy and to obtain certification in Anthroposophic Naturopathy (AGAHP)®. [1]


Ten years later, the "International Core Curriculum for further education and advanced training in Anthroposophic Naturopathy" was established, which today forms the basis for all further education and accredited training.


The mentors and lecturers at ANTHROPOS-SOPHIA have:

  • At least 4 years of own practice
  • Further education to become a lecturer in anthroposophic naturopathy in accordance with the qualification regulations for anthroposophic naturopathy (AGAHP)®
  • Recognition as a mentor for anthroposophic naturopathy (AGAHP)® by ISAN
  • A proven qualification in the subject areas taught (if possible in the area: certification)
  • A proven pedagogical qualification in adult education (see "Additional qualification" points 2 and 3


[1] The Quality Seal Anthroposophical Naturopathy (AGAHP)® is registered as a trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office DPMA. The quality seal Anthroposophic Naturopathy (AGAHP)® may only be used after certification and authentication by the professional association. Anyone using the trademark without authorisation by the AGAHP can now be warned off by the AGAHP. This is not a form of "protection of vested rights", but the protection of an identity-creating copyright, which is also significant in the esoteric context, and is now anchored in legal life. (AGAHP Manual 2014)

Further education in Anthroposophic Naturopathy

according to the guidelines of the ISAN - German speaking

This modular further education is aimed at anyone who would like to gain an expert introduction to the specialist field of Anthroposophic Naturopathy. The advanced education comprises three modules with a total of 240 teaching hours and is aimed at anyone who would like to acquire an expert qualification in anthroposophic naturopathy.


It is suitable as further education for naturopaths, trainee naturopaths and participants in therapeutic training courses and is open to all those interested in expanding their therapeutic knowledge to include the experience of anthroposophic naturopathy.


The further  education is carried out by the Educational institute for anthroposophic naturopaths ANTHROPOS-SOPHIA the central training body of the International Society of Anthroposophic Naturopathy (ISAN).


Certification by the professional association is possible if regular membership of the AGAHP is sought.

If you are interested, please register at short notice at You will then immediately receive an appointment for an information or application and admission interview. For further information, please contact or send an e-mail to:

We would be happy to send you our information brochure, which provides detailed information about the in-service training "Anthroposophic Healing". 


We cordially invite you to get a first impression of the modular further education in a virtual taster seminar. Afterwards, the lecturers will be happy to meet you in person to answer individual questions.